Dragono is a male black, orange and white guineapig who was born in June of 2017. This boy is very precious and could benefit from consistent snuggles. ##279766##
Ranch- Hand was pulled from the Orange County shelter and is still a little shy. He was born approx 3/2018. He is a attractive crested intact male guinea that is black and orange with a small amount of white on him. He would do best with an older child or fully grown home. ##313909##
Solomon is a male golden agouti guineapig born in early 2014. He is bonded to Brunoe, also a male who is golden agouti and white. He was born in 2017. This is a beautiful pair of males who enjoy lap time, movies and conversation. They are excited to meet their new family! ##157981##
Juniper and Forsythia are a bonded pair of females born approximately. May 2016. Juniper is a black and orange Abyssinian, and Forsythia is a lemon agouti & cream American. They must be adopted together. They are a wonderful pair, easy to hold and fun. Adoption charge: $55 for the pair ##161042##
Kizzy is a female black and white Abyssinian guineapig born in September of 2015. She is bonded to Murrieta, an American gal who is golden Agouti on her face an black and white on her body. This exquisite pair of ladies loves lap time and would be so happy to find their forever home. ##359651##
Alex is a adorable, male guineapig who was born in January of 2018. He is a exquisite black and white Abyssinian mixture. He is bonded to Alpine, an agouti, brown and white Silkie male born in 2014. This pair is quite great and enjoy snuggle time. ##326930##
Kobe is a male golden Agouti Abyssinian mixture guineapig. He is bonded to LeBron, a male cream and white American guineapig. They were born in January of 2017. These 2 boys are cute and pretty mellow. They are curious about the world around them but also enjoy a nice snuggle with their family. ##367313##
Velda(3 babies born June 28, 2017) is a tortoiseshell & white American female born on February 18, 2017. They must be adopted in same sex pairs or as a companion to a lonely same sex or altered piggy. Adoption charge: $55 pair, $30 single ##160972##
Murrieta is a gorgeous female guineapig who has a golden Agouti face and a black and white body. She is bonded to Kizzy, a black and white Abyssinian girl. This lovely pair was born in September of 2015. They enjoy lap time and conversation as well as exploring their surroundings. ##359652##
Santamaria is a female American, black, cream and white guineapig born in January of 2016. She is a little skittish but loves to be held and settles on a lap nicely. ##351237##
San Miguel is a tan & white male American born in August 2016. He lived with another male until recently and may enjoy a new same sex or altered companion. Adoption payment: $30 ##160887##
Carmel Pumpkin is a stunning tan and white cuy guineapig. She is a 5 year old "senior" girl. She is healthy and would love to find a family to enjoy. ##243821##
Congo is a brown and white male Syrian Teddy Bear hamster who was born approximately. September 2016. Adoption charge: $15 ##160719##
Diamond and Dash are a shy pair, but so great-natured. They would love to find a family to live out their lives with. Who can resist their cuteness?!To adopt, visit www.sandiegorabbits.org/adoption and complete the on-line Adopter Profile. If you are new to house rabbits we may require that you attend our Bunny 101 class prior to adopting.
Shy but lovable, Molly is a Lionhead-Silver Marten mixture who has been slowly coming out of her shell with people and will sometimes hop up to greet passerbys! It's a work in progress though, as she still spends most of her time hanging back by her hidey box flopped out or grooming herself.To adopt, visit www.sandiegorabbits.org/adoption and complete the on-line Adopter Profile. If you are new...
How I arrived: I was brought in by my previous owner on May 16, 2019. At SDHS: I have been micro chipped and spayed! I am now ready for my new home! Why I am the 1 for you: My Personality Color Code is Purple ; meaning I'm Happy - Go - Lucky...Carefree...Engaging...Adaptive...and Cheerful! Not only am I absolutely cute but I am also a total sweet heart! I love to spend my time hanging out with ...
Marvin was rescued from someone's backyard and where he didn't get very much attention. He tends to be a little shy, hiding in his box if people approach too suddenly, but Marvin is just a bunny who needs some time before feeling comfortable to flop out around people. Now that he's an indoor bunny he can focus on regrowing a healthy fur coat to replace the rust colored sunburnt patches, and he ...
Hi! My name is Zillo and I like meeting new people and seeing what's going on around me. I'm pretty friendly, but I've had a rough time since I was younger and I'm actually still healing and regrowing a new coat. My old home didn't take care of me very well and sometimes pee gets in my fur and has to be gently cleaned with baby wipes. I'm looking for a home that has a little extra time each day...
I'm Milton and I was at another shelter for several months before coming here. I am a little shy at 1st but I will steal your heart if you give me the chance to get to know you. As fluffy as my fur looks, I need a nice brushing everyday to keep it looking and feeling fabulous- I don't just wake up like this! I'm look for a home that doesn't mind a bit of sass and has the time and patience to pa...
Hi I'm Breezy! I was from a hoarding rescue- that means I didn't get a lot of space or attention before I came to the shelter- and now I'm looking for my forever home! I'm a little shy so I'm looking someone with a lot of patience who understands that it will take some time for me to get comfortable around you. It's spring, so I may look a little scruffy while I'm growing a new coat for the war...